CBETA Copyright Notices

Copyright Notices
Buddhist Association of China Electronics (Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association referred CBETA, hereinafter referred to as the Association) by the "North American Yin-Shun Foundation mentor", "Bodhi Foundation" and "Chinese Buddhist Institute" on February 15, 1998 sponsored the establishment of . Its purpose is to provide free electronic database for the Buddhist community as a non-profit use. February 2001 by the "Western Lotus Education Foundation" to continue to assist the conduct of the case.

CBETA Buddhist integrated electronic database (hereinafter referred to as the database) is the "Taisho Tripitaka newly built" (large Tibetan publishing Co., Ltd. (C)) to the eighth Volume 15 volumes, "added a new compile of the great Japanese Buddhist scriptures." (National Book guild Ltd. (C)) as the master copy of Volume I to IX of ten volumes, and formally obtain the master copy rights are the "big Tibetan publishing Co., Ltd." and "National Book Bank Corporation will" open the input and authorization grateful.

Copyright in this database use:
Use of this database is limited to individuals or groups of non-profit purposes. If applied to for-profit purposes, must obtain prior association with the Japanese "big Tibetan publishing Corporation" or the "Corporation National Book Bank will" of the agreement.
This database using the Internet, CD or other media, and then spread, and re-processing extracts quoted when issued to the substance does not change the principle, and the need to attach the product description and version information to facilitate user queries related amendments information.
If you find any errors in this database in place, please contact the Association.
Ruoyin use this database for any damage arising from the Association Yigai no responsibility.
This database is used not specified at the "Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 2.5 Taiwan (ROC) license" authorized by relevant copyright law.

Buddhist Association of China Electronics
Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association
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